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Sailor Swing Dress by Pin Up Girl Clothing



Summer is just about here ladies, so that means it’s time for summer dresses! Today i’ll talk about an absolute favorite of mine, the Sailor Swing dress by PinUp Couture.

By now you may notice I am a fan of nautical pin up style, but I cant help if the dresses are so stinkin’ cute! Forunately this dress is a little less obvious as the Captain Dress, but still noticeabley vintage.

The dress comes in red and navy blue both with white trim on the top and down by the bottom of the skirt. There used to be a white one with blue trim but good luck finding it, its as rare as the white captain dress.

Another great feature is it comes with the white belt, an accessory that is a must for this dress just as much as the captain. It gives the dress shape with the simple yet effective contrasting white.

While this will primarilly be a summer/spring dress, in the sun it is as versatile as they come. Heels or flip flops are ideal to pair with and it looks great on any shape or size. You’ll be getting complimemts from other girls and heads turning from boys! (Myself included!)

Its only drawback is price as it sets you back $125 at full price. Fortunately vintage clothing sites like Mod Cloth and Pinup Girl Clothing have sales frequently especially right before the dresses prime season.

I recommend this dress to anyone looking for a fun dress to frolic in and enjoy the sunny weather! Enjoy ladies!