Closet Must-Have Staple: Alika Dress


Claire Sinclair and Tempest Storm at Bettie Page Clothing Booth at MAGIC in Las Vegas, NV on February 14, 2011


Hello ladies! Welcome to another dress post! Today I will be discussing another favorite of mine, the Alika Dress from Tatyana Boutique!

This dress has been a part of the Tatyana line since it started, and maintains a huge popularity next to my personal favorite dress of all-time, the Captain Dress (shown in another post btw!). It features netted shoulders with a cute bow belt for waist shaping. Each dress comes in one flat color, though there have been other iterations with little fanfare. They come in red, white, navy blue, green or black, as shown above. Each color also has an option of a pencil skirt or a flare skirt, depending on your preference.

What makes this dress a must own is its elegant yet simple design that can be worn on darn near ANY occasion. Whether a night at the club, formal dinner, or even attending a wedding, it looks flattering and sophisticated.

When going with the flare circle skirt option, I cannot stress enough the importance of pairing a crinoline with it. Vintage styled dresses like this one are meant to have a poofy skirt, yet this skirt just doesn’t have enough poof on its own. You will not be disappointed for adding it!

Thankfully the Alika has a stretchy bengaline material, just like the Captain, and requires no dress size asjustment. The stretch looks phenomenal on curvaceous ladies and keeps you feeling comfortable.

The dress can run as high as $140, but i have seen it go for half of that as well as be part of their BOGO sales. Matching pumps and flats can complete the outfit just fine, but those looking for a formal touch would do well to add pearls and gloves to accessorize.

Thank you for reading! Please comment for any questions i may not have addressed, also let me know if you already own or are inspired to get this fabulous dress. I love to hear everyone’s story!