Spring Time Favorite: The Rugby Dress

Spring is upon us! But one thing on everyone’s mind? What to wear! Spring can be a very confusing time fashionwise. Its cold, warm, sunny, rainy and windy all sometimes in the same week!

Well this prepster hopes to have found a solution: the rugby dress! I originally covered rugby shirts before, but rugby dresses have a much different structure. Some feature the bold stripes, some not, others ditch the white collar for hoods, but I will gladly walk you through each wonderful option and the ideal weather for them!

1. Long sleeve rugby dress


This is your bread and butter rugby dress. Various striped color options are available, so feel free to mix and match your favorite combos! Also, many long sleeve rugby dresses have stripeless options as well, though i will cover that shortly. Typical weather you’ll want to wear this in is brisk sunny days, ideally with some heel boots or flats.

2. Short sleeve non-striped rugby dress


Moving away from striped rugby dresses, i would absolutely only recommend going stripeless with short sleeve, the bold stripes just don’t flatter on short sleeves and long skirts. You can find some really cute Ralph Lauren short sleeve rugby dresses with chevron stripes along the shoulder. Ideal weather for this dress is a warmer calmer day at the beach or park. Pack some white flip flops to make the collar pop in two ways!

3. Hoodie rugby dress


When forgoing the white collar traditionally found on all rugby tops, try to stick with a hooded dress. Again, very easy to find with color options abound. Pair this dress with your best Hunter boots for a rainy day!

4. Gown rugby dress


Now this is a bit harder to find as they are rare, but flatters very much. Some may be turned off by the plethora of stripes, but as an advocate of sailor dresses and popped collars, I am definitely one for bold statements! Wear this dress indoors at country club events or get-togethers!

I hope i helped find your next statement dress. Rugby dresses are flattering to curves and an utmost preppy staple! As always comment any questions you have!