Joules Evedon and why they NEED to be in your closet!


Stop the presses: I have found the next great rain boot! Meet the Joules Evedon Welly Boots! I stumbled across these fine things during a chat with a friend from the UK. It was only when they finally appeared at Nordstrom did I try them, and boom I was sold!

Most of my followers know the allure of Hunter boots: the bright colors, cute structure, comfy feel, chic design, they are just the best rain boots out there. Well, as an advocate of Hunter till the day I die, I must add a new brand to that notion.

Joules is everything you would want in a rain boot, except much more stylish and cute! The first thing that will pop right out is its contrasting bright ribbon on the back calf. Many fashionistas will find ways to bring the two colors together, as a two tone color scheme never looks tacky. It is the defining addition that makes these wellies both unique and stylish

For those looking for comfort, they are right on par with Hunter. The structure is sound and will not wear out like cheap rain boots, though for the ribbon’s sake I would save these for mostly walks in the park or city and slip on your best Hunters for travel.

Though I will always have a bias for Hunter, because nothing beats a pair of Hunters with some welly socks slid in, I have to give my hat a tip to Joules for crafting a fine pair of rain boots! You found a customer in me, I hope it finds a customer in those reading this!


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