Rihanna’s Hidden Preppy Style

Rihanna. The talented, famous and beautiful R&B singer is mostly well known for her unique style of bright colors and urban threads when it comes to fashion. But did you know there is a budding prepster under that urban getup? Don’t believe me? Well lets start with a photo she posted to twitter.


As you can tell, that is a pair of the ultra preppy british Hunter Wellington boots in original tall black. While most might write this off as a quick brand purchase, lets take a gander at a recent photo:


Well, well! A second pair of the high end boots! And in a bright pop of red too. What non-prepster buys multiple of a globally recognized pair of preppy boots? Surely, you might ask, some boots does not make some preppy, do they? Sure, but what about this next photo?


Don’t adjust your screens, that is a red-haired Rihanna rocking an Isabel Marant rugby-polo dress. Complete with white cuffs and collar. Only the preppiest of girls wear such an eccentric and defining style of dress. Ok so she looks the part. How about acting it?


Wow! Miss Rihanna herself in a bright summer dress all dolled up. Oh and this photo was taken at none other than the Mercedez-Bens Polo Challenge at Bridgehampton Polo Club in New York. The only people I know that fancy themselves a Polo Match are equestrians and country club members. A rather defining preppy event for one to attend.

So while her music and common urban outfits may suggest otherwise, the Hunter Boots, Rugby Dress and Polo Matches suggest to me that the lovely barbadian is a closet prepster. Hopefully one day she embraces it! Cheers!