Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots




orig_white_largeIf you were to ask me right now my favorite clothing piece in my closet, it is without hesitation my Hunter Rain Boots. These stylish boots are now a near daily staple of mine and a top recommendation for any and all people, they are that amazing. This post will cover the original tall line of boots.

Before i get into them, a little back story on the famous wellies. Hunter is based in the UK where welly boots are common as a pair of tennis shoes. They are hand crafted and meant to last generations. Some testimonials from people have claimed to owning pairs for 30+ years! The brand is recognized world wide as top notch and has kept the reputation for decades.

In the last few years they have boomed in America, particularly to younger women looking for both cute and practical boots with color pallets not offered anywhere else. You cannot go far in a mall or city without seeing multiple people sporting them. And while the trend is primarilly popular amongst women, they are designed and acceptable for men too (my pink pair would like to concur as well!).

So when is the most appropriate time to wear Hunters? Its simple: any time! Aside from formal attire, you can find hunter boots for any situation or season.

For fall, dark colors like black, maroon, and navy will help compliment the usual jeans, khakis and jackets worn in the cool air. In winter pairing your favorite colors with one of the many styles of welly socks will help keep you both warm without sacrificing fashionable appeal. In spring and summer a bright pair, such as white, yellow, pink, or turquoise with a matching print sun dress can add some brightness to the sunshiney days and keep you equipped for the rare rainy occasions.

A favorite outfit choice of mine is wearing a navy blue blazer with dark jeans and a polo that matches the color of the boots i’m wearing to give it a great two tone color scheme while maintaining the preppy flare i enjoy expressing.

Please share your hunter boots purchases and favorite outfits! I would love to hear everyones take on these phenomenal boots!



4 thoughts on “Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots”

    1. I have a friend with the tall purple gloss ones and she adores them. Hunter Boots are probably my favorite fashion item from the last 2 years, not only are they incredibly cute but they work with almost every outfit, do a fantastic job of keeping feet dry and last a long time. My aunt has had a pair for over 15 years!

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