Tatyan Boutique’s Captain Dresses


Ahoy there ladies! If you plan on sailing the high seas or enjoy a little nautical/pin up flare in a dress then you will love the Captain Dress by Tatyana Boutique!

The dress is styled like a sailor with its collar and buttons adorning the top with white piping along the collar. The dress transitions to its skirt with the white belt that accompanies every copy and the skirt comes in a pencil style or a circle flare skirt for adding a crenoline to make it a full vintage style skirt. The dress comes in either bright red or navy blue and is made from a stretchy bengoline material.

Celebrities alike from Leighton Meester to Holly Madison to Chaka Khan have been seen donning this beauty and it looks incredible on every woman brave enough to give it a shot. Do not be intimidated by its costumey appearance, this dress is more than just a classy sailor costume.

Pairing the navy blue dress with red heels, white gloves or a red ascot gives it a pop of color commonly found on most pin up style dresses. Leaving the flare skirt open makes it a great dress to move around and swing dance in. And yes, it makes for a drop dead gorgeous halloween costume too.

The dress comes in sizes XS-4X so it will fit nearly every size of woman. I emplore any girl out there looking for a way to spice up their wardrobe to give this dress a try. It can be a bit expensive at full price, but it is often on sale for under $100 at the right times. I will gladly salute any lady with the guts to try this beautiful dress!


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