Preppy Essentials: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo Shirts

Ralph Lauren is quite possibly the ultimate staple for any preppy wardrobe, the brand has created some amazing quality and fashionable clothes with its iconic polo player logo donning every piece. It’s most common staple is obviously their polo shirts, of which there are practically thousands of options. This post i will be discussing my favorite style of polo shirt, the Big Pony Shirt.


Big Pony is an obvious variation of the standard polo, where it separates is in its ballooned size logo. The enlarged polo player covers the right breast with contrasting color to make it stand out on the shirt. Often the big logo comes with various other embroideries such as the common number 3 on the left sleeve, country flags on the right breast or back, or even custom names and crests. These really add a uniqueness to each shirt and creates hundreds of color options.


ou can style the shirt down with a common pair of jeans and tennis shoes or style it up with a blazer, khakis and riding boots. Ladies can pair a pleated skirt and heels for a casual look or color match it with jeans and a pair of Hunter Boots. Also popping the collar adds a bit of flare to it as these shirts arent generally worn to casual events. Save your more subtle polos for that.

Most Big Pony polo shirts run at about $98-120 but cheaper options are available during clearances and on ebay. Macys carry them most often as well as occasionally Nordstrom as well as the Ralph Lauren Factory outlet.

Any opinions or ideas are welcome in the comments! Thank you for reading!


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